Baby Jaguar Cichlids at 3 months


About 2 months ago I acquired 15 Jaguar Cichlid fry from a friend. These fry came from wild caught parents. Today, after several water changes and a tank move, 8 remain. These 8 are currently kept in a 55 gallon with sand, extra large river rock, and driftwood at 80 degrees Fahrenheit as their environment. They are also kept with a Pictus Catfish which is about 5 inches and a Common Pleco that is 6 inches. These 2 are currently the Jaguars only tankmates.

As fry the Jaguars began with Baby Brine Shrimp for the first 6 weeks or so and then were transitioned to pulverized flake. After about 2 weeks of small flake they were able to eating regularly and have been doing well ever since. In the last 5-7 days they have began showing signs of the all-to-familiar Jaguar Cichlid territorial aggression, which is good. They are progressing quickly and their social characteristics are just starting to emerge as they find their own place in the tank.

There is one that is growing quicker than the others but doesn’t seem to have the same level of interaction as the rest. He is approaching 2 1/4 inches with somewhat faded markings and very little coloration. In contrast there is a central group of 3 fish (2 of which are pictured) that are developing physically and socially quiet well. Over the next few months I will watch these 3 with anticipation as their already strong qualities develop.



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